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Orobica Meccanica Integrata

Production and import of mechanical parts. Complex product assembly. Machinery

Orobica Meccanica Integrata is specialized in mechanical parts supply, semi-worked, finished products and complex assembled products.

Our strength is the constant research of new supply channels and challenges. This allows us to offer a competitive service to our customers and always be updated in a changing-by-the-minute economy.

Our import-export experience gives us the possibility to supply products with a competitive advantage.

Orobica Meccanica Integrata has an affiliated corporate in Shanghai, thanks to co-founder Massimiliano Eusebi. Massimiliano has been living in China for 20 years and has a huge knowledge of the mechanical market.

He manages purchase and sales department in his Chinese company and he is always looking at new business line development, often in partnership with the final customer.

To cope with new challenges, OMI has also set up new collaborations with Est European suppliers in the last years.

In Italy, Mattia Baronchelli, company owner and co-founder, deals with the management of the Italian operations, the European market research, the regular dialogue with customer and supplier partners of the company and the development of new projects and business opportunities.

Our customer-oriented philosophy implies creating a strong partnership with our customers, meeting all their needs and customizing projects.


  • Mission
  • Vocation
  • Goal

Orobica meccanica integrata mission is to create a partnership with its customer, by cooperating in a transparent way, open to research of most advantageous solution for both, concerning an innovative supply system of components, parts or assembled parts for the mechanical sector.

The international vocation of OMI allows the company to build up the best solution according to the requirement of each project, by working in a team with customers and suppliers and by exploiting a big versatility of production, supply and assembly.

The final goal is to offer a service of European standard at convenient prices for OMI customer collaborates, because, when it is possible, according to the project, the components are partially or totally bought on the Chinese market, by suppliers who are reliable and master in their job.


What do we do


We work into the mechanical sector with a highly competitive proposal in order to supply semi-finished, finished or assembled parts.

OMI can operate as chief-contractor.

According to our customer requirements, we can switch from simply supply of imported material, in particular for less complex parts or low-value-added parts, to productions managed inside the Italian company or at supplier’s, until a wide range of medium choices.

In many cases, cost and price optimization is possible thanks to the combination of more complex components produced in Italy and import parts, which after are assembled together into the Italian plant.

Our customers are primary producers, often leaders in their sector, who operate in different areas of manufacturing. Among them, we count producers of glass, metal sheet, stone, wood processing machines, textile machines, industrial weighing systems, automatic storage systems, intra-logistic systems, manometers and coffee machines, pneumatic cylinders, components for industrial automation, high and medium voltage products for electric installations.

How do we do it

With a great and youthful teamwork

We believe in people’s skills. We promote a constant and updated professional training.

Our work environment is dynamic and motivated.

OMI is a well-established but young reality. We choose to invest in young employees, giving them the possibility to grow and gain responsibility roles.

With a customer-oriented service

Our commercial office is always at disposal of our customers as serious reference of all supplies. Even for complex projects, where OMI operates as general contractor on international scale, customers can always find their referent in OMI.

Our technical office, once received the drawings from customer, studies the technologies, the techniques and the most suitable personnel to achieve the requested goals, while involving all their experience and suggesting new solutions or alternatives to industrialize the product.

With numerical control machines for machinery works in a 1000 square meters internal workshop

The company has an internal machine workshop for mechanical works with 6 machines.

This allows to reduce time for sampling and to transfer our experience of production to suppliers, if necessary.

With 2000 square meters for assembly work

To realize the most complex assembly, Orobica Meccanica offers the possibility to assembly the pieces internally. We have a dedicated assembly building, with an overhead travelling crane and specialized employees.

With the withspread workshop

OMI has a strengthened supply network, both in Italy and in China and East Europe, so that it can multiply the possibilities of supply or react quickly to sudden peaks of production. Among OMI suppliers there are carpentry producers, machine shops, painters, handworkers specialized in complex assembly works and superficial-treatment suppliers.

With a complete management of the commission

As prime contractor, OMI has high coordination skills to manage complex projects while collaborating with suppliers who offer all the requested skills to complete the project (for instance electricians, fluid dynamics experts, technicians)

With a certified quality system ISO9001

All the supply chain goods undergo a double quality check: they are verified at the suppliers’ and then internally.

Our quality check is efficient with check and tests on the products. Both our Italian and Chinese companies are certified ISO9001.


Orobica Meccanica is situated in the province of Bergamo, an important industrial district of the mechanical sector, it is only 35 km from Orio al Serio Airport (in Bergamo) and 70 km from Milano far.

Via Spiazzi, 48, 24028 – Ponte Nossa BG

M.K.Q.S. SHANGHAI TRADING CO. LTD., situated in Song Jiang in the province of Shanghai, is the qualified partner of OMI. The company supports the management of the projects in China and it has a partnership with selected suppliers, who have been collaborating with the company for more than 15 years. The management includes assembly works, quality check and the guarantee of punctual deliveries.

RM 238, New business building, 2nd floor, 2, Taizhong south street, Baoshui area, Waigaoqiao district, Shanghai





Via Spiazzi, 48 – 24028 Ponte Nossa (BG)

Tel. – Fax: +39 035 704281

Account Manager: Valentina Guerini

Techinical Commercial Dep.: Nicola Carrara

Customer care Dep.: Asja Cedroni

Accounting Dep.: Cristina Soddu

Production Dep.: Alessandro Borlini

Logistics Dep.: Melissa Campana

Opening time: Mon.-Fri. 8.00-12.00/13.00-17.00


Orobica Meccanica Integrata is an international, young and dynamic reality, born from Mattia Baronchelli’s and Massimiliano Eusebi’s vision, to set up a customer-oriented company. In the role of prime contractor, the company offers a highly innovative proposal to supply mechanical semi-finished, finished or assembled parts.


Via Spiazzi, 48, 24028 Ponte Nossa (BG)

Tel.-Fax: +39 035 704281

Opening Time: Mon–Fri. 8.00-12.00/13.00-17.00:</strong> Mon–Fri. 8.00-12.00/13.00-17.00

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